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Soak in the Sun Safely

There’s nothing quite like feeling sunshine on your skin, but too much exposure can sour your mood quickly. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, particularly UVB rays, can damage tissue and skin cells, causing sunburns and other harmful health problems. 

Wearing sunblock can help reduce the exposure and increase how much time you can dedicate to beach days. But you can’t sunscreen your eyes.

That’s why we have sunglasses.

UV protection is just as crucial for your eyes as it is for your skin because too much sunshine can damage your vision and ocular health. Over time, increased UV exposure leads to eye conditions including photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye), cataracts, eye cancer, pterygium (surfer’s eye), or macular degeneration. So even during the cloudy days of May Gray or June Gloom, your eyes are vulnerable to UV light.

Wearing sunglasses is an easy sun-safety tip. You can find shades for any occasion and any style. So whether it’s beach day or a red carpet gala, lounging or jogging, demure or funky, you can enjoy fashion with function.

If you’ve already found the eyewear of your dreams, you can add a layer of UV protection with custom sun clips.

Visit Pacific Pier Optometry to find your signature look. If you need an updated prescription, schedule your eye exam.


Sunglasses Checklist

There are a lot of options, so how do you pick shades that look good and work well? We’ve created a cheat sheet for what to look for in your next pair.

  • Look for sunglasses that block 99–100% of UV light or UV absorption up to 400nm. Don’t settle for anything less than the best protection available.
  • Go for impact-resistant lenses. While there’s no such thing as unbreakable, you reduce your risk of injury and enjoy your shades for longer if they can take a few drops and jostles. 
  • Polycarbonate material is the most durable option if you want something for sportswear or other activities. However, it is vulnerable to scratches. If you want a smooth finish for longer, consider a scratch-resistant coating.
  • Wraparound sunglasses are preferred, as they offer a wider area of protection. Even when you’ve turned away from the sun, UV rays can slip through the sides of your lenses.

Color doesn’t change the UV protection rating. Instead, it’s a preference. It’s a bright idea to try a few pairs before you buy, but don’t forget to test different shades for your new sunnies. Darker tones don’t impact protection either but can change how you see.

If you’re curious about tints for sunglasses, here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Gray is neutral and can reduce brightness
  • Yellow/orange increases visual contrast
  • Green can reduce brightness and filter blue light
  • Amber/brown can brighten vision on cloudy days
  • Rose/red can reduce eyestrain and be more comfortable for extended wear

If glare is a problem, polarized lenses are the most effective solution. Although they aren’t designed to block UV light, they are helpful for people who are active outdoors.

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Our Brands

  • Ray-Ban
  • Prada
  • Versace

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When you want to make a statement, reach for a pair of Celine’s sunglasses. Modern takes on aviators and cat-eye frames that are certain to make you stand out in a crowd. These are not for the faint of heart or wallflowers - these are get-you-noticed-sunglasses.

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Garrett Leight

We're an independent eyewear brand committed to creating high quality, handmade eyewear inspired by the people, places, and stories of California.

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Innovation is at the core of Prada's success, with no sector escaping the Group's avante garde approach.  Prada casts its creative eye beyond the boundaries of fashion, including art, architecture, cinema and culture as a key reference to the brand's core values.  Prada eyewear is exemplary of the company's well maintained and well-deserved status associated with the brand.

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Ray-Ban has always been durable, comfortable, and attractive from the vintage classics to the present-day trendy frames. From celebrities to your friends, Ray-Ban is always a favorite.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is the first true luxury brand of the 21st century and places a priority on delivering the highest quality product and the greatest standard of service.

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Founded in 1978, Versace holds the ultimate status in style.  The Versace name is World famous and centered on the idea of a world of fashion, glamour, and sexiness.  Versace eyewear is striking and designed to combine technical innovation with stylish design.  The frames are distinctive, and like many of Versace’s accessories, they often feature details taken from the house's graphic language.

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